Angela Bartram – UK
Andrew Bracey – UK
Luce Choules – France & UK
Steve Dutton – UK
Rochelle Haley – Australia
Morrad+McArthur – UK & Australia
Andrew Pepper – UK
Curated and created by Angela Bartram
#1: Airspace Gallery, Stoke on Trent
17 November – 16 December 2017


#2: Verge Gallery, Sydney,
18 January – 24 February 2018


#3: BSAD Gallery, Bath Spa,
20 April – 1 May 2018

The on-line curated exhibition ‘Documents, Alternatives #4’, by Angela Bartram, aims to isolate, address, find and utilize appropriate means to translate a diverse range of practice digitally whilst remaining true to its artistic intent. It offers a series of responses through the format of an on-line exhibition of ephemeral artworks, that is designed to self-curate with each user visit. The artworks have undergone physical and conceptual change as they have travelled through each of three gallery situated exhibitions as part of the series already, with this being the fourth. Each iteration is an integral part of a conversation, with the artworks adapting and transforming with each exhibition to form a continuing dialogue. With the three previous gallery-based ‘Document, Alternatives’ exhibitions, this online version sets the agenda for how the ephemeral artwork is re-staged via non-tangible means to produce a document that is both virtually unstatic and physically unfixed.

This work is part of the Alternative Document, a large-scale multi-mode project that occupies the complex, yet topical terrain of documentation, acting in response to the antithetical practices of lens-based methods historically used to archive and record ephemeral works. An evaluation and re-shaping of artworks (the performance, installation, projection and participatory practice first exhibited as part of the Alternative Document, Project Space Plus, 2016) establishes how best to communicate and translate ephemera via web-based digital resources. Contributing to the extremely topical conversation in the field of appropriate and different modes of archive, this will lead to a resource that will be available to, and inform new audiences on the complexities and potential of the subject. The project aims to accommodate diversity of approach and access, and to include multiple voices and modes of output, and to this end will research and develop creative ways to establish a user-friendly on-line resource.